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Caligain can give you the impressive body in a safe and a simple manner and at the same time it nourishes your body with essential nutrients. Caligain is formulated in such a manner, which assures that you gain your desired body type in a short span of time

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ingredients In Caligain Capsule

Each Caligain capsule contains:

Plumbago zeylanica 75 mg
Emblica officinalis 75 mg
Terminalia chebula 75 mg
Teramnus labialis 50 mg
Pueraria tuberosa 50 mg
Withania somnifera 50 mg
Holarrhena antidysenterica 25 mg
Trikatu ** [Piper longum, Piper nigrum, Zingiber officinale] 25 mg

Side Effects

Caligain capsule is completely free from side effects. However, if you are already suffering from any chronic medical condition or is under medication, then it is advised to check the ingredients of Caligain with your physician .

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Caligain a Friendly review by safemedz

Caligain is one of the few products on the market designed to increase the weight. Ottimo prodotto per tutte le persone che soffrono di peso corporeo al di sotto del peso forma, ovvero BMI troppo basso. Excellent product for all people suffering from body weight below the weight or BMI too low. A base di erbe, Caligain, รจ un integratore davvero rivoluzionario. A herbal, Caligain, an integrator is really revolutionary. Prodotto da Naturomeds, azienda leader in prodotti a base di erbe. Produced by Naturomeds, a leader in herbal products.

Caligain aumenta il livello di proteine nel corpo, risultando ottimo anche per il body building. Caligain increases the level of protein in the body, making it good for the body building. Integratore proteico, sanza alcun effetto negativo sulla salute. Integrating protein sanza any negative effect on health.

Caligain da Safemedis Caligain from Safemedis

Safemedis vende integratori a base di erbe in tutta Europa e nel Sud America. Safemedis sells supplements and herbal throughout Europe and South America. E' uno shop del gruppo Naturomeds e opera nel mercato da moltissimi anni. It 'a group Naturomeds shop and work in the market for many years. E' considerato uno dei leader nel settore delle erboristerie online. E 'considered one of the leaders in the field of herbalists online.

Applica la clausola soddisfatti o rimborsati. Apply the clause Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Caligain - the natural weight gain medicine

Over millions of persons world wide are confronted by weight problems. These weight problems are generated by an increased number of risk factors such as diets or lack, lack of physical exercises or sedentary lifestyle. This generally causes persons to become overweight, presenting the risk of getting obese. Besides the number of obese or overweight persons there is a smaller category of underweighted persons characterized by skinny and fragile looks.Underweight is defined by weakness, illness and lack of confidence. This weight problem has numerous causes but few solutions. Poor diets, stress, metabolism abnormalities, hormone disorders, genetic imprints, or poor lifestyle are general causes of this weight issue. Today no conventional diet or program has managed to present perfect results in solving this problem. Herbal medicine proposes a new series of treatments based 100% on plant ingredients, having no side effects, low costs and high efficiency rates. Products like Caligain have managed to reach this barrier and are now considered to be the right solutions that help persons gain weight naturally. Gaining weight was considered an exhausting business but now thanks to the new Caligain weight gain pills every person can gain a few pounds per week without effort. Forget about the hundreds of diets, weight gaining programs or risky chemical products. Caligain is the right natural way to a perfect body. Caligain has a powerful, patented formula that will help you forget about weight problems. Get Caligain today and results won’t hesitate to show up.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Caligain - Complete Weight Gain Pill

Being underweight makes you more prone to sickness!!
Are you aware thatyou are more prone to sickness when you are underweight than if you are overweigh? You would be considered as an underweight individual if your body mass index (BMI) is below 18.5. Being on the lighter side can raise your risk to diseases like anemia, osteoporosis, fertility problems, weakening of your immune system, and this may further lead to serious health disorders.

Tired of Constant Teasing??
Individuals who are too skinny suffer become self conscious and are not very pleased with their body. Most of them face constant teasing as being ‘Scrawny’, ‘twiggy’ or ‘bony’. This constant teasing will eventually make them lose their confidence and lower their esteem leading to depression and other psychological problems.

Gaining weight is more difficult than losing it!!
It is every thin gal’s or guy’s dream to have the curves of Beyonce or Scarlett Johansson or the muscles like Vin Diesel or Jean Claude Van Damme but the problem is that they just can’t seem to get any results out of their efforts to put on weight. The struggle to add pounds can be as frustrating as losing the pounds.

No matter what the reason might be for you to be underweight, we have something that will work extremely well to help you gain a healthy weight mass – Caligain! It doesn’t mean that you put on an excess amount of weight and you will be healthy. Maintaining a normal healthy weight is imperative to live a healthy life and Caligain gives you just the right solution.

Gaining Weight & Getting Rid of a Skinny Body is Now Possible BUT in a Much Simpler Way

"YES!!! With Caligain it doesn’t matter a bit if you were once told that you don’t have the ‘right genes’ to have a good body..." Because the ingredients in Caligain are the best possible herbal extracts singled out from the nature and blended scientifically to give you the body you have been craving always.

Most health experts across the world agree that several Weight-Gaining programs fail to bring about desired results to all because they are tough to follow. This is the reason why these programs are not something you can expect to succeed without proper efforts.

Before signing-up with any weight-gaining program it is very essential that you realize that these programs involve a lot of stress to the body which creates an additional need for nutrients. A balanced diet can deliver all the necessary nutrition that is required but it somehow always fails to give some of the very essential micronutrients. Without these nutrients your body is not at all equipped for an intense weight-gain program.

However Caligain can give you the impressive body in a safe and a simple manner and at the same time it nourishes your body with essential nutrients. Caligain is formulated in such a manner, which assures that you gain your desired body type in a short span of time.

Doesn’t it feel good to see a stunning reflection of yours in the mirror every time you dress to the nines? Even you can get your hands on this new-found confidence only with Caligain!

Just build yourself a great body-type in the simplest possible way - Caligain

Caligain diet pills

have offered people a highly effective and balanced formula to a keep them in their best health conditions
To summarize, here’s what you get for only ( $39.15 & Caligain will make you gain a healthy weight mass in a just a couple of months. Unlike any other weight-gain programs or products, Caligain delivers assured results and this is why Caligain is backed with 100% guarantee. As Caligain contains the best herbal ingredients it gives you complete nutrition to gain healthy weight without any problems of side-effects. Now you can attain your desired body-type in the most easy and safe manner.

Make A Statement With Your Body Using Only Caligain

Caligain is a scientifically developed natural nutritional supplement which helps your body to gain & maintain a healthy weight. Our team of well-qualified researchers & renowned doctors developed this formula based on scientific approach, ancient knowledge and modern engineering to work on any person who needs to gain weight in a safe & healthy way. The Caligain formula works in various ways to enhance weight gain by improving your appetite for healthy foods, boosting the growth of lean muscles in your body and also enhancing the functions of your digestive system so that you absorb vital nutrients better. In addition to this, it also builds up your immune system so that you can fight diseases easily. Results based on trials done on individuals of age groups ranging from 20 yrs. - 35 yrs. showed that Caligain gave substantial weight gaining results in just a period of 1 month! These results were seen without any exercises or workouts conducted.

Now, with the use of Caligain you can gain a healthy weight mass in a period of only few months. Caligain is your best answer to complete nutrition and a healthy weight gain without any problems of side-effects. Caligain induces in you the desire to have nutritious food thus helping you build a healthy body structure. You will gain on an average 10 pounds a month without any need for exercises but if you include the right amount of exercises in your daily schedule, your lean muscle-mass will also develop significantly. Don’t stifle your desire for the perfect body anymore. Obtain the body of your desire in an easy, safe and healthy way only with Caligain!!